You are fired !!

Is what I would say to Ben Wilson who is a Scottish West Coast Grower of mussels.

He describes his mussels as being renowned for “their plump Juicy meats”Mussels

Well the bag of mussels I had purchased from my own fish counter at Tesco in Downham Market was far from being plump, in fact they were tiny.

I would have been embarrassed to serve them if I had cooked them for a dinner party.

I was so disappointed with them that I will be complaining to Tesco and hope to get a full refund.

Update… I got a full refund from Tesco today :-)  shame that I will not be happy to buy them again 🙁

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5 thoughts on “You are fired !!

  1. Philip

    If you wamt fresh, fresh fish phone John Earle at Chapel Porth, St Agnes, Conrwall on 01872-553200 for the best crab, lobster, fish and shellfish. Perhaps he needs an order from Tesco!

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