What a joy….

My lap top is since Geoff up graded it from Vista to windows XP for me.

I thought it still had a problem as it was very slow at my house and very fast when at Geoff’s house.xp

After doing some little test’s I realize that its only my router , when connected by cable it goes like a rocket here too.

I am delighted that DI.FM works, Youtube works and  BBC I player  also works.

No more crashing.. no more problems with up loading pictures, memory map works, and Google earth works too.

In fact its almost heaven, now I just need to get my router sorted so I can move out the dinning room 🙂

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2 thoughts on “What a joy….

  1. Philip

    I spent three hours on the phone to India and finally found out that the problem with my Orange Livebox was that the wireless security setting was set too high. We dropped it down one level and the wireless hums. The next challenge is the VOIP which does not work. Another three hours?

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