A walking Wednesday….

An unexpected treat to get out walking on a Wednesday, a lovely day for it too.

A chance to try my new boots out as well.

While Geoff was on the Train to Kings Lynn, I had parked my car in Narborough and was on the bus to Kings Lynn.

We then met up and walked along the Nar river all the way back into Narborough, a total of 15 miles.

Not bad for a mid-week walk.

Although my boots felt very comfortable ,after about 6 miles my heel was burning and I had a nice blister by the time we finished.

I am hoping this is a temporary problem and just a matter of breaking them in.

The walk route can be seen here and my blister here.

The blister has given me no problems today and I will be doing a small walk this evening… maybe in my boots  !!

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