Upgrading to XP from Vista !

Over the week-end I finally admitted that Vista  on my Amilo Li1705 was just never going to get better.

Having read all the forums and then reading how the new service pack  was in fact making your machine run even slower, I decided that the time had come to follow Geoff’s advice and remove Vista from my laptop and install Windows XP.

Just to be on the safe side Geoff decided to do this by getting a new hard drive. We then installed Windows XP on it.

Keeping the Vista program on the old hard drive just in case we had problems getting XP to work.

All went smoothly apart from finding the audio drivers for the VT8237A but thanks to Geoff’s determination we eventually found them.

The good news is that I now have a machine that goes at the speed of light, stays connected to the Wifi and has not yet crashed.

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4 thoughts on “Upgrading to XP from Vista !

  1. robert

    Where did you find Vista, Sally? was it a normal CD or did you find one specially for the laptop?

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