Keeping fit with the Leg Stretchers…

Today we had set our alarm so we could go and join the Leg stretcher Group on their 19 mile walk.

At 8am we were on our way to Rougham near Bury St Edmund’s.P2170059

It was a cold frosty morning but sunshine was forecast for the day.

A fantastic 13 walkers turned out for this walk, which was led by Debbie.

The  actual route walked ( including detours 🙂 )  can be found here at Geoff’s  Wikiloc.

As you can see we kept up a great pace of 3.2 miles an hour

It was our first longer walk this year and my feet are aching tonight but what a great way to spend the day, in brilliant sunshine  and good company too.

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3 thoughts on “Keeping fit with the Leg Stretchers…

  1. Debbie

    Thanks for coming Sally, it was great to see you. I can see from Geoff’s map that I made a little navigational error in the woods! Just to see if he was paying attention! Still at least we clocked up the advertised distance.

    It was nice to see you both, hopefully see you on another Leg Stretcher soon.

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