A day for sharing…..

As we all know today is Valentines day, a day for all us lovers to express our love, with cards flowers and chocolate.

Many Blogger’s have shared there valentines posts with us…

Crushed by Ingsoc had this to say

Over at The pedalogue Leslie brought tears to my  eyes

While Corine made me sigh and Mutley made me laugh.

Being a big romantic at heart I could not let the day pass with out sending my loved one something special.

I made him a card.. it was not perfect but it was hand made just for him,I forgot to take a photo 🙁

As for a  gift well its not about money or expense, it about thought and this said it all……

Now its time for you to share… and tell us what you gave your loved one ?????

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5 thoughts on “A day for sharing…..

  1. jmb

    Very funny Sally. Hope you had a happy Valentine’s day. I received yellow tulips but from a friend. After 47 years we don’t celebrate Valentine’s day, actually we never did because it was not an Australian tradition and we never acquired the habit here. Anyway I’m off chocolate for Lent.

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