Dressed to kill….

anne 022

Me in my new top…….  🙂

anne 020 

Anne in her new top….  🙂

anne 026

My new skirt  🙂

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4 thoughts on “Dressed to kill….

  1. sally

    Leslie…. I know the perfect tour guide for you….. so just let us know when your coming 🙂
    I too have my eyes on a pair of red shoes in clarks…will go nice with new skirt 🙂

  2. Leslie

    I read on Anne’s site about your weekend. Get ready cuz when I come over I’ll be needing a tour guide! *wink* Seriously, let me know the good shops to patronise – I love Clarke’s shoes. Nice outfits!

  3. Ellee

    Geoff won’t recognise you in a skirt, it will be high heels next.

    I think Anne looks a little bit like me. How nice to go out girlie shopping. I haven’t been to the new Robert Sayles yet, I hope to pop in next Saturday.

  4. Anne

    I just love our new clothes 🙂

    Thought about those shoes I tried on …the purple ones in clarkes, might just be able to justify buying them. 🙂

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