A Great Reunion…

Just returned home today after my week-end with Anne.

We had a fabulous time.

Every time I am in Cambridge I go past the White stuff shop but never go in.

This time with Anne I did go in and wow I just loved all the clothes…I came out with a great new top and a fantastic skirt ready for the summer. Anne came out with two great looking tops.

We then had to go for coffee at savino’s to recover.

We had a great walk to Grantchester I walked at a slower pace than normal as I anne 018had to look after Anne πŸ™‚

Anne’s brother met up with us at the orchard tea rooms, so was good for her to see him and nice for me to meet him.

We enjoyed watching atonement but I was disappointed as I am sure not all the film is shown on the DVD .. will have to get Emily to confirm this ??

We also had a great sauna…Anne’s first so i kept it nice and cool for her  πŸ™‚

Sunday evening I gave Anne her massage, which I think she really enjoyed.

she was so relaxed we almost didnt make it out for our meal at The Varsity Restaurant where we had the Cyprus meze which was just delicious…

All in all a great week-end filled with fun chat and laughter….. a week-end to be repeated.

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5 thoughts on “A Great Reunion…

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  2. sally

    Hi Ellee…. This week-end was for me and Anne to catch up but I am sure there will be a next time.. then we can all meet up for sure πŸ™‚

  3. Ellee

    The tearooms in Grantchester is one of my very favourite places too and I always take my visitors there. I’m glad you had such a lovely time, I would loved to have met Anne too, but hopefully there will be a next time.

  4. Anne

    Sally you could of walked faster if you had wanted…It would of pushed me a bit ……..thanks for thinking of me….:-)

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