Just the beginning..

Hard to believe that we are now half way through my massage  course.

So last week while I was away skiing, it had been the first week for Clients in college.

Needless to say they made sure I had a client this week 🙂

I was nervous but not about giving the massage as thanks mainly to Geoff I have had plenty of practice and just about know the routine off by heart now.

What I was nervous about was all the paper work and remembering the important things … like washing your hands…wiping there feet with surgical spirit  before you begin…getting them to remove jewelry ,all the common sense things really.

Anyway it all went well , I was about 2mins short of the hour so that was really good and most importantly my client enjoyed it very much.

From next week they are opening up all 10 beds for clients as the demand has been so great, so that means we should all have a client every week.

Theory was on the Circulatory system, with exam next week 🙁 and pleased to say that my assignment was good enough to meet the criteria needed 🙂

Time to get some of my own paying clients soon….but before I do I need to change my consultation form because even though it was good enough to give me a pass on the course.I now realize it needs to be smaller and more compact,maybe in the form of a booklet.

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6 thoughts on “Just the beginning..

  1. Geoff

    I can certainly vouch for the quality of the massages, anyone out there reading this had better get booked in real quick as I think you will be very busy 🙂
    Impressive to have all 10 beds full at the college – they will be increasing the price!
    Whats the surgical spirit bit about? is that to toughen them up or something.

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