The power of Blogging


Googled myself today.. just for fun you understand.

To my amazement there was Sally in Norfolk at number two.

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6 thoughts on “The power of Blogging

  1. sally

    Philip.. I think my Google rating changes daily but does it matter as long as i enjoy blogging.
    As for knowing the rugby rules..well i have not seen the book since Christmas day…. maybe Geoff is reading it in secret 🙂

  2. Ellee

    Sally, it won’t be long before you are at the top, keep up the good work! Like me, you have the best teacher.

    I like the pics of Em’s cake, I exepct you cooked it. I have offered to cook one for Jame’s birthday next weekend, but he wants a Millie Kitchen giant cookie cake instead. As long as he is a happy chappie …

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