New Year… New Car…

After my very Lucky Escape, just before Christmas, and getting the upsetting news that they might right my car off.I decided I best start thinking about a new car.

Before all this happened I was happy to have another Clio but I have now changed my mind about that.

My second choice was the Peugeot 207.

So at the week-end we took ourselves off to Marshall the Peugeot dealers in carCambridge.

Daniel Tranter, their sales executive looked after me and got me all the  information I needed.

A new Peugeot 207 Urban, diesel, will cost £10,945,but the delivery time is 10 weeks . A huge length of time for me to be with out a car.

If I am not fussy about color they could get me an Urban S in 10 days, costing an extra £700 but  they would split the difference in cost with me. 

To do this would  mean I could not afford the Alloy wheels I have dreamed about for years.

Now if they were to throw in the Alloy wheels I would be up there now signing on the dotted line….

If your reading this Daniel ….  you know my number….

Or can anyone else better this deal….

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7 thoughts on “New Year… New Car…

  1. Daniel Tranter

    Hi Sally,

    You’ll never believe, a colleague and I were simply, googling our own names for a bit of fun, mine brought up your website, I had totally forgotten you had done one of these blogs, soooooo, In true (non-cheesy) sales style would love for you to give me a call, I’d love to work out a better price, guess what i’d even try your alloys, this all of course in the instence you haven’t bought a car already!!

    If not just give me a call anyway, would be good to see how you’re getting on!!!

    Dan #01223 377839

    p.s anyone else who reads this and needs a good price on a peugeot, quote sally’s website and receive a great big discount!!!! – lol don’t kill me for the free tag there Sally!!

  2. sally

    Hi dw….. at the end of the day i was too scared to try carquake did not like the idea of handing over all my money before i even got to see the car.

    Have not yet got my new car… if your braver than me do let me know how you get on. It may change my mind about using them.

  3. dw

    Hello Sally, did you buy your car through Carquake as I am thinking of buying my car through them & wondered if you would recommend them? all the best Dave

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  5. Ellee

    I didn’t have a good experience with Marshall’s. A few years ago, I bought a Metro, it was almost new, just a few hundred miles on the clock. Within a matter of weeks the engine seized and they offered to replace it with a reconditioned one. I wasn’t very happy about this. Fortunately, the motoring correspondent at the Cambridge News pulled rank and called Marshall’s and they promptly gave me a full cash refund. Otherwise, I know I would have been stuck with it. These salesmen totally ignore women.

    The funny thing is, when I moved to my village, who should be my neighbour two doors away but this very same salesman. Talk about a small world.

    The Peugeot looks great, this was the one I had in mind when I recommended one on your previous post about replacing your car.

    Strike a tough deal, and good luck. Happy New Year and happy motoring too.

  6. sally

    Reply from CarQuake within 40 min’s of sending them an e-mail….

    Dear sally

    Thank you for choosing CarQuake to source your new Peugeot 207Hatchback 5 door 1.4S. Your request is already on its way to your selected dealer and they should be in touch with you at your preferred time.

    We hope that you find buying your new car through CarQuake to be the most relaxing car buying experience you’ve ever had (unless it’s your first!). If you’ve enjoyed it, please tell us, so we can shout about it. If not, please let us know. Our aim is to please, and feedback is essential in ensuring quality of service.

    As you consider your car purchase, the chances are you may also be considering various other parts of the equation: finance, insurance, breakdown cover, etc. Please check the CarQuake website ( for details of offers you can find for these other services and remember, there is no obligation to buy.

    In any event, thank you for choosing CarQuake, we are glad to be of service to you.

    Yours sincerely

    The CarQuake Team

  7. Geoff

    A quick search on the net appears to get it for £9,070 from Robins & Day
    Peugeot 207 Hatchback 5 door 1.4 S
    RRP £10,163
    CarQuake price
    £9,070 inc. delivery
    Peugeot 207 Hatchback 5 door 1.4 S
    Strike while the deal is hot!
    Offers change daily, so call Robins & Day Peugeot During Christmas Opening Times (check below) on 0161 771 2403 to discuss this price or use the callback form below. Our dealers can provide finance, accessories and part exchange. This offer is exclusive to CarQuake, so you need to mention ‘CarQuake’ to get this great price.,070.00&bp=8,945.00&as=1,218.00&manufacturer=24822&modelDerivatives=25155&model=24836&modelBodyType=24896&postalCode=pe32%201qz&dist=130&col=false

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