A Sunday Stroll

In desperate need of some exercise we decided we had to do a walk today.

So at 10am we set off from Cambridge, the plan was to walk to Ely then catch the train back, making it a very  respectable walk of 17 miles.

The walk took us along the River Cam where we saw many boats and barges.

We also saw the Cambridge rowing association out training for The Bumps.owl

At Stretham Ellee met us at the river and took us to her house for home made mushroom soup and tea,a very welcome break. 

Then we were back on our way along the river, very disappointing not to see any Herons but we did see an owl flying low along the river bank.

We arrived at Ely station at 15.50, 5 mins before the train was due so perfect timing.

A selection of photos can be seen here,taken on Geoff’s new camera.

This was a great way to start our training for our next long distance walk,which we hope to do in late April early May time.

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