Following Geoff (day 10/11)


Geoff arrived in Lescun in thick cloud too find everywhere shut till 5pm, but he then got a great veggie meal of egg and chips.Views above 1700m around Pic d’ Anie were stunning.

“Lescun is conveniently situated on the GR 10 long-distance footpath traversing the Pyrenees. Combined with the dramatic scenery of its mountain backdrop, this makes it a popular focus for walkers and climbers.

With its old buildings and narrow streets, Lescun exudes a pleasant old village charm.”

Geoff has now done 202km of the 427km he intends to do. To Banyuls would be 904km! ( so glad he’s not going that far as I am really missing him )


Tonight he is at Borce near Etsaut.Tomorrow he has the scary bit …..”The GR takes to the Chemin de la Mâture today. The year 1772 saw the completion of a sloping way cut into the rock face to bring suitable trees down through the Sescoué ravine for the French Navy. Today, part is still usable and the GR10 takes advantage of it. It is quite spectacular, easy to climb and only those who suffer from extreme vertigo would have problems.”


It looks like a ridge cut into the side of the mountain… another bit I would just love so hope Geoff takes lots of photos !!

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