Before and after…

A day doing my outside DIY jobs , painting my newly erected fence panels

and giving my shed a lick of paint too. 012








037 038

Also went to the cinema with my son to see Disturbia,which was a thriller that we both enjoyed. Very disappointed that Atonement is still  not on in Kings Lynn,as I am desperate to see this film .We always seem to be so far behind everywhere else… another down side to living out in the country !!

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3 thoughts on “Before and after…

  1. ladymacleod

    but look at that lovely grass and the trees in the country! Well done on the chores. Uh oh did I mix up who had the new computer? Ah well we know I have constant computer lust for the newest and fastest.

  2. jmb

    You were a busy lady. Looks good. I didn’t know that they had made a film of Atonement. I loved the book so will have to look out for it.

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