Something new and exciting….

Tonight I went off to college to start my body massage course.

I was excited and scared all at the same time.

Excited because I was going to learn something new and interesting, scared because its been along time since I was last at school. walk 015

I joined up with 20 other people including 2 guys, one of them only being 17, who you just have to admire.

Its not going to be an easy course as there is a lot of theory work as well as practical work, but it is going to be a very enjoyable course.

At the end when you pass you have an NVQ in body massage and are qualified to practice body massage.

Tonight after filling in all the paper work and having our induction we got a small taste of what its all about.

We were shown how to do an Arm massage then had to practice on each other.

Its all about knowing the routine and what move comes next.

A massage should be as relaxing for the person giving it,as it is for the person receiving it.

A big thank you must go to Geoff for encouraging me to do this….and for making it possible too….I will make sure he reaps the benefits…

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5 thoughts on “Something new and exciting….

  1. jmb

    Good luck with this Sally. You’ll be right into it in no time flat. I’ll have to come to Norfolk to get a great massage when you are finally qualified!

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