Its Made….

Off I went first thing this morning to get my cooking apples then I was all set twalk 011o make my jam.

The jars were washed and put into a low oven 

a) to dry them out

b) to have them warm enough for the hot jam so the glass doesn’t break

I prepared the blackberries and the apples got the sugar all ready , then had a panic as my pan did not look big enough

Not to be out off I carried on anyway and found out the hard way that mwalk 012y pan was just a little too small, the phone rang and I left the pan for a moment only to come back and find it pouring over the sides all over my cooker.

nevertheless I managed to make some great Apple and Blackberry jam.

It has set perfect but then you cannot really go wrong if you use the special jam sugar you can buy.It has added pectin to help it set.

Making jam is so easy and it tastes so much better than shop bought ones ……

Juicy and fruity as my son says…..

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  3. Dee

    Jam is absolutely delicious! Juicy & fruity and hmmmm, hmmmm, hmmmmmm. Next season I will make some myself – know anyone with some jars, Sally?

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