Busy !!

Well I have spent all week playing with my nice new laptop.

Adding all the programs I want and just getting used to it.

Vista does not seem to be much different to windows xp.

Tonight I have ripped some music onto it and transferred some photos from my PC using a memory stick.

Its great not having to share a PC anymore, none of my stuff will go missing and it wont get full up with games and rubbish.

Next I have to install my mobile phone program so I can manage my contacts and photos on line.

I was always very grateful to Philip who lent me a laptop many months ago and now he’s been even more generous by saying my boys can keep using it.

At a time when a few people are trying to drag me down this kindness is all that is needed to lift me back up, so many many thanks to Philip.

update…. my Moblie phone pc suite wont load on a vista machine says it needs windows 2000 or windows XP , how rubbish is that 🙁

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8 thoughts on “Busy !!

  1. Welshcakes Limoncello

    Sally, I hope the laptop gives you hours of pleasure and I’m sure it will. I’m so sorry that there are people trying to drag you down. But there are many more people who are FOR you. Please believe that.

  2. sally

    jmb… I have not had to install any drivers yet and my camera,memeory stick,mp3 player and phone all work ,infact its all ben quite easy to set up,so far 🙂

  3. Pete Coombes

    Hi Sally,

    Have you gone to the website of your phones manufacturer and seen if there is a Vista version?

  4. lady macleod

    It’s grand isn’t it, just when you think the world is full of sodding bastards, someone does something lovely.

    I don’t think I could survive without my laptop. Have good fun setting it up to your satisfaction.

  5. jmb

    You are very lucky to have been given your very own laptop. I gave up fighting my husband to get onto our desktop where he spends an inordinate time playing solitaire and mahjong and sudoku. I bought myself a laptop a year ago and just love it. One useful piece of advice. Don’t drink near it. I knocked over a glass of soy milk into it. The speakers have had a croaky voice ever since.
    I am very pleased to have got in before Vista arrived as apparently it did not come loaded with drivers so you could not connect your camera or printer or other hardware without downloading the drivers.
    Anyway, enjoy

  6. Duncan

    I don’t know Vista, Sally, but I’d guess they might have kept the ‘compatibility’ feature of XP. Right-click on the program, in to Properties, and select the compatible OS from the list. But I don’t know Vista at all.

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