Just when I thought it was over….

I got a tip from Paul Saunders that Prison break 2 starts tonight on UK TV Gold.

Been so long since I used my DVD  recorder that I am now trying to remember how it works.

Lets hope I get it right  šŸ™‚

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8 thoughts on “Just when I thought it was over….

  1. sally

    Paul, Today was the day….. sat down and watched first 2 episodes of prison break series 2 they were fab and i am hooked again. cannot believe they shot veronica Roll on Monday when the next 2 episodes will be on.

  2. Paul Saunders

    Fair enough, up to you. No rush. Your choice.

    I’m dying to give away what happens at the end of the second series, but of course I won’t. šŸ™‚ I preferred the second series to the first.

    As for BoB, I honestly can’t imagine any woman being interested in that, not unless you have a fascination for small unit military tactics in WWII, which I don’t think is common amongst the female species, although I’ve heard rumours that there are exceptions (some women actually enjoy playing wargames, so I’ve been told, but I’m talking about *real* wargames, as opposed to simply games about war).

    The bottom line is that BoB is not “Hollywood War”, it’s very realistic and there’s none of that obligatory “love interest” nonsense. On the other hand, you might fancy some of the actors, which might make a difference.

    BoB is probably the most realistic representation of war that I’ve ever seen, even better than Cross of Iron, my favourite *realistic* WWII war film.

  3. sally

    well yes I did work out how to use the DVD and yes it recorded….BUT I have been so restless since getting back from my trek I have been unable to sit still long enough to watch much of it…. also I hate all those adverts.

    So might have to wait and get the DVD set.

    In the mean time I got my son Band of Brothers for his birthday and hes nagging me to watch that with him…..

  4. Crushed By Ingsoc

    I loved the first series, unfortunately didn’t get to see the second.
    Sadly UK Gold is one of the channels we don’t get.
    DVD is looking likely!!

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