Gehwol foot creams.

While training for my trip to Corsica I have had a few problems with blisters and sore feet.

I changed my boots and got new socks .

A few people recommended the Gehwol foot creams from backpacking light.

I was reluctant to buy these as they were so expensive,but I decided to treat myself and have not regretted it one little bit.

Not only do they smell real nice but they feel real nice too and leave no greasy after effect.

I especially like the refreshing foot balm , and put that on during the day, usually when I change my socks. Its cool and refreshing and feels great.

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4 thoughts on “Gehwol foot creams.

  1. jmb

    Hi sally
    I have really bad feet and after I read this I phoned around and found some locally. So I’m going to try it. The refreshing balm one, $15 canadian. Hope it works, I’m sure it will be a treat and non greasy is a huge plus.

  2. Wolfie

    For many years I was a keen mountaineer. I found the best solution to prevent blisters was to stop every three hours, remove your boots, dry your feet and cycle my socks. Attaching the last pair to the back of my pack to dry.

    Of course this was impossible in a blizzard.

    I hardened my feet by walking bare-foot in India and found that rubbing tiger-balm on your feet in the morning works well (in the Himalayas its dirt cheap).

    Those gel patches work a treat too, once you have some.

    Maybe I’ll try this solution too.

  3. lady macleod

    I’m a wee bit embarrassed. I come to see you most every day so I was sure I had you on my Blog roll. When I went to click today I realized I had to go to bookmarks. yikes. I have you on there NOW. Please forgive the delay.

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