Half way….

Well I have become quite addicted to watching Prison break

so addicted we have watched 3 episodes tonight, making that 11 down and 11 more to go….

Think I had better re-join that gym as soon as possible….

Now its time to get my thigh trainer out and put di.fm on and get rid of some of my energy

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5 thoughts on “Half way….

  1. sally

    Caroline… yes I am going stir crazy not getting to a pool or a gym but not for long as i will soon be walking for a whole 2 weeks….

    Michael , great to hear from you.., I worked out too late then could not sleep.

    Lady macleod… one very yummy man and you never know when you might need the knowledge…..

  2. lady macleod

    I am somewhat concerned that you are watching a show called “prison break”. Are you planning something darling that may put you in need of such data? or is it perhaps full of yummy men?

    Until the temperature here gets below ninety I fear my workouts will be very light and walking not running. Let us hope I don’t flab out before winter comes!

  3. Caroline

    I bet Paris Hilton is wishing she had watched all episodes of Prison Break – she must be in need of serious therapy without all her luxury goods.

    Not sure that you need to go to the gym in view of how fit you are – swimming faster than Geoff – good for you. However, I know that I go stir crazy if I don’t get there at least 3 times a week. Its my mental escape as well as a fitness challenge.


    Sally: I’ve never seen this show before? But I admire your energy for that workout!

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