A new project….

With Geoff still away in Copenhagen till tomorrow evening.

I had time to go and visit my Craft club ladies, see what they have all been up too and start a project I have been meaning to start for a few weeks.

Why I want to knit a fluffy bag , I really don’t know !!!

What I will do with it when its finished , I really don’t know !!!

Maybe I will send it to welshcakes as we all know how much so loves hers bags……

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8 thoughts on “A new project….

  1. sally

    Don’t you worry James. I will not be at home for much longer… Geoff has been in copenhagan at reboot9 . I will be going off soon to collect him from stansted airport 🙂 🙂

    2 weeks today and I will be in Corsica 🙂

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