Trekking in and around Les Gets……

Two fantastic walking days here in Les Gets.

Beautiful hot sunny weather has made it even more fantastic….

Took it easy yesterday as Geoff was carrying the tent in his ruc-sac for the first time , and we were both walking with 2 poles for the first time as well.

We left Les Gets and walked up to Pointe de la Turche then on to Ranfolly.

Where we saw fantastic views of Mont Blanc….

This gave us a 9 mile walk with 859m of ascent.

Walking time was 3 hours and 12 min’s and stopping time was 2 hours and 8 min’s

After getting on ok with the walking poles we decided to try a harder walk today.

So we set off in brilliant sunshine to walk around Mont Chery then up to Col-de la Basse, with a height of 1696 m.

We then descended to l’Encrenaz before walking up and over Mont Chery back to Les Gets

This gave us an 11 mile walk with 1314m of ascent.

Walking time was 3 hours 54 min’s and stopping time was 2 hours 20mins

We just about made it back to Les Gets before the thunder storm.

After two good walks I am being treated to a day shopping in Chamonix tomorrow of course knowing me I will only buy walking kit…  🙂

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7 thoughts on “Trekking in and around Les Gets……

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  2. Geoff

    We had fantastic clear views of Mont Blanc -Good luck on getting to the summit before it loses its cap.
    When I was in Les Houches during my GR5 last September I met a group who had just done the summit – they were well chuffed. With the guide saying it was better than what most people call doing Everest (said Everest was a bit like Piccadilly these days).

  3. Lay

    Walks sound fantastic Sally. Looking forward to seeing your photos especially any distant shots of Mont Blanc – with luck Ali and I will be standing on the summit around 9 am on 3rd September. Can’t wait for a crack at that one!

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