An afternoon of Pimms and rounders….

Yesterday Geoff and I spent the afternoon in the beautiful grounds of Newnham College.

Where Kate was celebrating her 21st birthday.

She had a fantastic gift from 14 of her friends….a picture of all their hand prints.

After a lovely picnic with champagne,we had fun playing rounder’s.

Philip spent the afternoon trying to get the girls to promote his Equity Fingerprint on Bebo and My space

A great time was had by all.

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5 thoughts on “An afternoon of Pimms and rounders….

  1. Ellee

    It’s a long time since I’ve played rounders, glad you had fun, I know how lovely the grounds of Newnham College are.

  2. Miss Smack

    hello Ms Sally….

    Just a small note to say thanks for continuing to read my blog. I’ve posted a new post titled ‘First Taste’

    The couple in the story have been delighted to read it and appreciate it being a story rather than a wham bam thankyou ma’am piece.

    I appreciate your visits, as usual, and encourage you to read part 3.

    I extend my warmest regards to you and your partner.

  3. Philip

    I now have friends so thanks for the plug. The hits on the Equity Fingerprint site are building slowly as well. In the first seven days of May we have had 741 downloads of the EF Guide. Any more ideas on promoting EF?

  4. Anne

    What fun that sounds!!! We do something like that picture in ceramics…except it is thumb prints of the party people…only because it goes on a mug or plate…so they do their thumb print and write their name underneath , lovely present.

    I know Newnham college really well…my brother used to provide bicycles for hire to all of cambridge colleges…and he used to run a bike hire company right on Newnham common..near the roundabout.

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