Twitter…..What are you Doing ??

Alot of people have asked me what Twitter is…….

Firstly its fun and very addictive….

Loic le meur  blogged  ” If you don’t get Twitter your too old ” 

Twitter is like a message board… where you have friends and followers.

Everytime you post up a message your friends and followers get that message on the net or on their mobile.

So one message can reach many people.

I made the mistake of having all my friends and followers turned on for moblie notifications, it drove me mad my phone never stopped twittering all day and night, remember not everyone is in England so there can be a time difference.

I now just follow my best friends…. and twitter from my mobile when I am away from my pc.

Why not join and add yourself to my  Twitter, its free and so much Fun.

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6 thoughts on “Twitter…..What are you Doing ??

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  2. Ellee

    I worry about how much time I would spend on it, I would get really engrossed. Still, if it meant twittering with Loic, I might give it a go.

    Are ou going on the Simply Social coastal walk nex weekend, btw, I have put my name down for it. Hope to see you there.

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