What Does a Girl do When she has Blisters….

Goes Barefoot dancing at the Junction in Cambridge for starters….

Then goes shopping for boots and bags….. but not the Girlie type , walking boots and ruc-sacs.

Must have drove the poor lad mad in Field and Trek…. but in the end I decided on the Asolo Flame Gtx.

Tested the boots and my heel out yesterday on a quick 6 mile walk and both felt fine, so wont be long till I am back into my training.

Good job really as we are off to french Alps on 20th April.

Ruc-sac was easier to buy, ended up with a mac-Pac light 45.

There will be plenty of room for all my kit for Corsica, although I am being watched carefully to make sure I pack real light and he does mean light…..

Almost forgot I also got a Crag Hoppers light weight fast drying Corey Jacket, so now its beans on toast for the rest of the month…..

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5 thoughts on “What Does a Girl do When she has Blisters….

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  3. Lay

    Glad to see you got the pack sorted. My advice for GR20 – slip some essentials (shampoo) into Geoff’s pack when he isn’t looking.

  4. Anne

    All your posts are brilliant!! Doing really well in your training. Love all your pictures. Look forward to seeing the French Alps after you come back. x

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