Bits and Bobs

A few photo’s from my week-end away…  did not take that many was too busy trying to keep up with Geoff  šŸ™‚

Update on my heel… had it dressed by the Nurse today with a special iodine dressing, she says its healing well, she must have got the idea I was off walking again because she told me not to put my boots on this week-end just walk in trainers…..

Managed to catch up with all my Blog reading , just wish I could get co-comment to work, I leave so many comments I forget where I have been…..

Spent the afternoon baking muffins for my boys…none for Geoff and I as we are watching our weight again, an on going battle, but I did make us a Vegetable Quiche with out the pastry, very healthy !!!

Will be packing my bags again tonight ready to escape to Cambridge tomorrow…..

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3 thoughts on “Bits and Bobs

  1. Welshcakes Limoncello

    Great pics, Sally. They make me homesick… I can almost smell the promise of spring in the air and there is something lovely about the light.. Glad heel seems better. Take care. [I can’t open pic in next post – will try later. Btw, what’s co – comment?]

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