Out and About….

Well that’s me finished work for a whole week….. no fish to look at and no coming home smelling like a kipper.

My boots are cleaned my bag almost packed, soon be off to Cambridge then to Huntington to stay with a friend over night ,before going to Rockingham to walk with friends, all met Via the RA Forum…. see it does work !!

Then we’re off to Hope in Derbyshire for 2 nights and I will see my first hills for months and months… cannot tell you how excited I am.

Wonder how I will cope with no Internet access for a few days..  🙂

Now I must cook a nice dinner for my Boys.

Hope you all have a good week-end and I will see you back here soon.

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5 thoughts on “Out and About….

  1. sally

    Ellee, Geoff is never gentle with me… thats one of the reasons we get on so well 🙂

    James, I have my ways of getting on the net…. need a blog fix after a few days…lol welcome to my blog btw…

  2. Lay

    Have a great time Sally – I’ve still got a couple of weeks before I am on the hills again – suffering from lowland lassitude at the moment.

    I will have the GR20 account up and posted on our blog for your return.

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