All this talk about hills, got me looking at my photo’s, some I have not looked at for years…  came across some which had been taken when I went up Tryfan…..  made it on a 3rd attempt after being beaten by bad weather the first 2 times.

I was not brave enough to jump Adam and Eve, it was very very windy and they are very very high…..and that’s my excuse!!

When I work out how to use my scanner I will add some more Photo’s  as I have also done Moel Siabod, Moel Hebog, Cnicht,and Snowdon many times.

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3 thoughts on “Memories….

  1. xl

    I am planning a trip to Wales with an interest in an attempt at Tryfan if the weather permits. I am not a mountain climber, but I am reasonable fit for hiking/scrambling.

    Does anyone have any advise, such a route, clothing, equipment, etc.? Is this something one could do alone or is it more advisable to contact an outfitter? Any advise is welcome.

    Thank you.

  2. Lay

    Ah … Tryfan … my favourite mountain. I am planning a blog on it but not a route guide – It’ll have to wait until I’ve completed other stuff first – WD may be reading this 😉

    DO you know that the speed record for a descent from Tryfan summit to the Ogwen cottage is under 7 minutes – mad them fell runners aren’t they.

    Every time Ali and I go to North Wales we finish on Moel Siabod – its a last chance to get one more hill in before driving home.

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