A Hard Task…………

With my flight to Corsica booked, ready for walking the GR20 in June.

I have been given the task of learning some French.

Now I was useless at french when at school many years ago, and some times have trouble with English so its going to be hard work for me.

I have been given an excellent learning  C/D  , which must be easier than a book, as you get to hear how the words are pronounced.

But some how I still think this is going to be a hard task for me……

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4 thoughts on “A Hard Task…………

  1. Marek

    Hi Sally, I’m just an accidental visitor of your blog, but I’d also like to read your report of the GR20 trek, because I’ve been collecting everything on Corsica I can find.

    Have a nice trip,


  2. sally

    Dandylion, if I am fit enough to hold a pen at the end of the day yes i will keep a diary to put onto my blog when i get back….

  3. Dandylion

    Are you going to keep up some kind of blog/daily diary of your GR20 hike? It would be very interesting to hear and see…

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