Something for Nothing…

Not often today that you get some thing for nothing.

I thought I would see if I could get some free tickets for the Out door show  at the NEC in Birmingham.

I left posts on both the walking Forums I use just to see what I could come up with.

Was told on one that it was like asking for free Tickets for the FA cup final. So I thought that was the end of that.

Then today I had an e-mail giving me a tip to check here.

So I made a phone call and ticket will be on its way tomorrow.

Will have to make sure I go and say hello to the RA  and Country Walking  people….

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5 thoughts on “Something for Nothing…

  1. Weird Darren

    forgot to say if you are visiting on the Friday pop on over to the Cumberland Arms around 2pm, there is the first ever UK Outdoors Blogger Con being held.

    Also you will be mentioned in the weekly round up on Outdoors Blogs that Outdoors Magic has started.

  2. Weird Darren

    You could also of got a free ticket by phoning and leaving a message from Podcast Bob at The Outdoors Station, I think OutdoorsMagic also had some freebies going, and also there was a thread on OutdoorsMagic with some free tickets going.
    So loads of places to get them, they aren’t that hard to get hold of.
    I decided to make it harder and try for a press pass, which I have managed to get.
    Hope you enjoy the show. Parking will be about £7 plus if driving.

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