Fleam Dyke and The Roman Road

Sunday was our Walking day and I was hoping to get a 20 miler.

We left Cambridge and walked out towards Fulbourne where we picked up the Fleam Dyke and walked the 5km along the dry chalklands to Balsham.

 At Balsham we picked up the Roman Road which took us back into Cambridge.

The Roman Road is a 10 mile historic route full of wild life and flowers.Infact we bumped into Julia and her working party who were clearing and raking the verges to make sure the wild flowers did not become over grown by the weeds and trees.

They are members of the Friends of the Roman road and Fleam  Dyke ,who  help the Green belt project.

 Information from my pedometer was….  lost  :-(   but I know it was over 21 miles

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4 thoughts on “Fleam Dyke and The Roman Road

  1. sally

    Yes Ellee lets hope ive not bitten off more than i can chew…… although with Geoff iam sure i can do anything 🙂

  2. Ellee

    Lucky you off to Corsica, I visited there last summer and can tell you there are lots of very, very high mountains, but it is stunning.

  3. sally

    I love walking but don’t get into the hills very often….. 🙁 thats why i like to walk long distance. My dream is to do alot of the long distance paths… one day !!
    This year I am going to Corsica to walk the GR20 🙂

  4. newmania

    I have to say , having done a lot of wolking , I do like a little more elevation. I did the coast to coast walk once . Have you tried that its fabulous

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