Fishy Tales

I see that a 33ft long and 990lb Giant Squid has been caught in the Antarctic waters.

I would most likely have found that easier to sell , instead of the 11 boxes of Herring Milts I had try and sell today, for those that don’t know herring Milts, also known as soft roe, are in fact the male reproductive glands and their contents….. yes seminal fluid.

Why any one would want to eat them i do not know.I confess to buying them a few times, cooking them but have never been able to eat any, they smell and look disgusting and the texture is indescribable.

Best to stick to some of the other nice fish I sell , like Trout, Salmon, Monkfish and my favourite Seabass. I wonder if I could tempt the lobster who blogs?

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5 thoughts on “Fishy Tales

  1. Liz

    Why did you have to sell them?

    Seabass is my absolute favourite these days. I bitterly regret not taking up the offer made many years ago, before I had tasted seabass, by a man who sidled up to me in the fish market and said, out of the corner of his mouth, ‘Want to buy a fresh bass?’ He didn’t quite flash open his mac but it was almost one of those moments

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