Nature Reserve nesting plea.

 I wonder how long it will be before Natural England close Dersingham Bog to the public.

 Dersingham bog is a Nature reserve near Wolferton , and part of  the Sandringham estate. it covers almost 400 acres and is home to many ground nesting birds such as Lapwing, Stone chat, Linnet ,Woodlark, Nightjar, Meadow Pit and Shelduck.

As the reserve is now attracting more and more ground nesting birds they have put up Signs urging visitors to keep dogs on a short lead and not to stray off the paths between  February and September, as sadly the two don’t mix.

Natural England objected to a proposal for a path along the sea defense ,which would connect Kings Lynn to Hunstanton, along with the RSPB ,so given time I expect they will object to visitors at this Nature Reserve too.

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2 thoughts on “Nature Reserve nesting plea.

  1. Paul O'Brien

    it wont be just english nature but I do have to say that where have all the lapwing gone…we have to do something about the birds…we are screwing them up just as much as we are screwing up our own kind….bring back the birds

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