Reading Geoff’s blog the other day about his friend Stan, got me thinking,how lovely it must be to have real long term friends.

I envy anyone that has lived in one place for along time and has many friends.

25 years of my life was centered around the RAF, for 18 of these years I was married to a serviceman and lived in 8 different houses including ones in Wales Scotland and Northern Ireland.

I made lots of friends, then you moved on and started again making more friends.

The few I keep in touch with are very dear friends but I seldom see any of them, a big downfall of service life.

The last of my friends moved from Marham a while ago, I had to move house away from service life and into the big bad world.

I have had to work real hard at making a new life  and thanks to my love of walking this is happening ,slowly I am making new and wonderful friends, ones I hope will be around for along time.

So remember to treasure the friends you have……….

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3 thoughts on “Friends

  1. sally

    Hi Gary,

    Glad to see you found my blog , will have to becareful what i write about the walk…must not mension anything about people falling over….lol



  2. Gary

    Hi Sally

    Great to see you on the walk today, and yes, am impressed by your blog. Will be reading with interest your write up on the walk. I just wish it had been a little warmer but at least it was , mainly, dry and we even got some sun….

    Au revoir


  3. Geoff

    With Stan there have been long periods when we haven’t met, spoke or written to each other. Followed by periods like now where we are seeing each other every year and using skype!

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