Les Gets

Just returned home from my little adventure, well big adventure for me.It’s been 7 years since I last went abroad ,infact only the second time in my whole life !

Skiing don’t come easy to me, I cannot tell you how scared I was going up that chair lift for the first time,trying to remember if I would even know what to do.

Spent most of the first day, out in the pouring rain, falling over more times than I care to remember , I have some superb looking bruises.

I was not going to be put of though and when the sun was out on the second day I had a much better time and quite enjoyed myself, not bad for someone who’s only skied once before.Amazing what you can remember after a whole 7 years, goes to show that ski schools are worth there money.

Afraid on the third day I wimped out, the little snow there was had turned a bit icy and I just didn’t want to end my holiday on a bad skiing day.

My trip home was a bit scary having never traveled so far on my own before but I got home safe and sound ,although the landing at Stansted was a bit hairy due to strong winds.

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3 thoughts on “Les Gets

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  2. Anne

    Bruises look horrendous…won’t want many of them too often. Pleased you had a good time though. x

  3. Ellee

    Sally, well done to you. I remember how scared I was when I went on a chair lift for the first time. I’d love to take my boys skiing, I’m sure they would have a great time too.

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