I Know certain people have been waiting for this……… today is their lucky day.

 I really enjoy baking muffins and its become a bit of a joke on the RA forums, when I walk with a certian group of people I usually take muffins for them. I once went and met a group of people in the lakes for a week-end of walking which included a wild camp on scarfell pike, was the most freezing cold night I have ever known, I took them chocolate muffins and cheese and bacon ones too.

So what are muffins? Muffins are simple to make, quick to bake and very nutritious,a great alternative to junk food. They have a light cake like texture and yet they have lower proportions of sugar and fat than most cakes. Crisps and chocolate bars are very high in fat and offer little if any nutritional value. Muffins on the other hand, are well balanced nutritionally and offer a wide variety of delicious options.These are my favorite books, and here is one of her recipes.

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