Back to Work

 Bad start to the day as I got up thinking it was tuesday, then realised it was thursday, difference being I start work earlier on a thursday, but managed to be only a few mins late. For those that dont know I work on the Fish counter at a tesco store. Today I had very little fish to sell just alot of whole salmon and salmon sides ,still on half price offer since Christmas.  Was not a busy day so I spent most of the day thinking about my GR20 walk and the training I must do. Thats perhaps why all I could think about was going for a jog when I got home.I used to do alot of jogging more jogging than walking at one time, but got sore knees so stopped going. Today was my first jog in 4 months and i did 2 miles in aprox 24 mins. I see Geoff has got another plan for another walk…some times I wonder if its him or me thats the mad one…..its the Lycian Way, which is in Turkey  but that will be another story


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One thought on “Back to Work

  1. Yomper

    From one Yomper to another…
    It is great to see such a good site – wonder who put it all together.
    I am not a great walker but I love talking and recently one of the top bloggers in the world, Robert Scoble took time out in his trip to London to video me talking about Equity Fingerprint.
    I would appreciate all your comments if you have the time to listen in at
    Of course, you could put it on an iPod and listen while you walk.
    Great kids toooooo

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