Christmas Walk

Today was the day of my Annual Christmas walk, with friends I have made from the RA forum. All the guys had cried off sick with man flu or other excuses so that just left four of us girlies. This was just fine because we had alot of chatting to catch up with. It had been decided that I would organize the walk this time, which is quite a risk as I usually get us lost….but not this time. The plan was to walk from Heacham to Thornham along the coastal path, then bus back to Hunstanton and walk the last 2 miles back to Heacham, this being about 10 miles but we were enjoying ourselves so much that we walked both ways making it 16.6 miles. Got back to cars in the dark, but the day had been wonderfull, full of chat and laughter

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2 thoughts on “Christmas Walk

  1. Geordieboy

    Never joke about manful Sal!!! Very serious condition to which there is no known cure, thank your little cotton 1000 mile socks every day that you can never catch it. Glad you enjoyed your walk & have a good weekend…………….but no pictures please. ;OP

  2. Geoff

    I’m sure the walk was well oiled with all that chatting – two old dears who had just met on the train chatted ALL the way from Ely to Nottingham. Then I discovered my sister had been on the same train too, but in different carriages!

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