Well I posted on the RA forum that I wanted a walking holiday next year but I never expected to get the opportunity to walk in Corsica.if all goes to plan I hope to do this walk in June 07. Going to have to do a lot of training because although I walk a lot and can do 20 mile walks, I’m not used to the hills or walking on consecutive days. Hope to have a training week ,in March, in the hills somewhere to see just how fit or unfit I am. I had a nice E-mail from Judy off the RA forum today offering words of encouragement, and i think that has made me more determined to do this walk. Judy herself is doing a fantastic walk soon, which will take her approx 8 month to complete , details can be found a and i wish her lots of luck in her travels.

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3 thoughts on “CORSICA GR20

  1. Paul O'Brien

    yes lucky you…am going to be into my channel swim training hard this year so walking will be a bit on the back burner but after 2008 I hope to be doing a few more miles again. Just make sure you have your GPS your back up GPS and your spare batteries for both….take rechargeable ones with a solar back-pack to keep a set on charge at all times….keep your eyes peeled and dont look down…


  2. sally

    This walk looks quite a challenging one, i will have to train on the hills which will be hard in norfolk but i can go on the running machine in gym on steep incline. Like you say i will be in great hands….so will enjoy every second i expect .Maybe me and geoff will do a walk on new years day, will let you know.

  3. Ellee

    Corsica is stunning, I spent a day there in the summe, lucky you, and I know you will be in good hands.

    Do you know any local walks on New Years Day, about 10 miles max?

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