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seeing red !!

I don’t usually do this kind of post BUT two things in the news today has made me see red !!

I am an easy going person and don’t really have many opinions , I hate politics , don’t agree with equal rights.

My aim is just to get through each day, week, month with out anything bad happening in my life.

When I read this in the newspaper this morning it made my blood boil.

I have served in the WRAF and strongly believe that mothers should not be allowed to serve in our forces.

These people should be totally ashamed of themselves too and why oh why do we let her keep on having babies !!

Rant over 🙂


A Good exchange

I don’t usually give links out to blogs that I do not read.

But there is always an exception !

So here is a link for Ian who kindly sponsored me £20 in return for the link.

This has boosted my Race for life Sponsorship to £40 🙂

I am still hoping to reach that £100 so if you feel like sponsoring me then click on the Race for Life link in my side bar.

Many thanks also to Jenny and Tessa 🙂