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For the person that has everything

If your struggling to find that special gift for the person that has everything.

Why not give them the gift of a massage and help them start the New Year off de-stressed and relaxed.

It could be the best Gift they ever receive.

My older clients especially like me as I always have time for a cup of tea and a chat 🙂

Vouchers available for Swedish body massage and Indian head massage.

Phone sally on 07843261254 for more details or E-mail  sally@sallyinnorfolk.com.

What do you want ??

I just read a blog post over at Murry Newlands.

His advice about blogging is blog about what you want.

So what do I want.

More Massage Clients is the answer.

If you live in the Downham Market / Kings Lynn area call me and give me what I want 🙂

Also available in Cambridge on a Saturday or Monday.

Now its your turn…  what do you want ???

Final Batch of the year

Yesterday I made my last batch of Jam for this year.

The Damsons had been a gift from someone at work.

They have been sat in the freezer just waiting for me to find time for Jam making.

My friend was pleased with her Jar of Jam and I must say it is rather delicious.

Lets hope I have time to make some Scones tomorrow to go with the Jam.

Next I have to find time to bake the Christmas cake 🙂