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Another Cross Trainer

As some of you will know I was devastated when my beloved cross trainer died on me.

A new part was ordered, but 3 months later this promised new part has yet to be delivered even though paid for !!

Cross trainerI was beginning to think my cross training days were over.

Then this week I had some news that made me speechless, a friend of ours in Cambridge has decided he no longer wants his cross trainer and amazingly he wants to give it to me.

I told him I thought he was mad to get rid of it and his reply was “I havent used it for ages.  If you will use it then you will be happy and i will be happy that it is being used and has a new home where it is useful.  So good all round ”

and of course I shall LOVE it !!

A bargain…. I hope !

It soon became obvious that I could not afford to re-join the gym, carry on with my pilates class or buy the refurbished cross trainer I so desired.

I wasn’t even sure the shed  roof was even high enough for a cross trainer either 🙁

Then one evening last week while walking past a charity shop in Cambridge I spotted a cross trainer just sitting there with my name on it

The following morning we went to investigate, the price was good at £50 but no one was sure if it actually worked 🙁 and it had no electric cable with it.

A quick visit to tesco to buy some batteries and after lots of fiddling around we were happy that it worked, to some fashion !

So I bought it, then wondered how I would ever get it back to Kings Lynn but as usual Geoff is never put off by these things and its now in my shed.

I have an electric cable but its very temperamental and although the power is getting through nothing works and all power dies after a few mins. ( update no power at all tonight )

BUT watch this space because if it can be fixed I know the right man to do the job 🙂

and as for the shed roof being tall enough, well if I was just a fraction taller I would have a very sore head indeed !