A bargain…. I hope !

It soon became obvious that I could not afford to re-join the gym, carry on with my pilates class or buy the refurbished cross trainer I so desired.

I wasn’t even sure the shed  roof was even high enough for a cross trainer either 🙁

Then one evening last week while walking past a charity shop in Cambridge I spotted a cross trainer just sitting there with my name on it

The following morning we went to investigate, the price was good at £50 but no one was sure if it actually worked 🙁 and it had no electric cable with it.

A quick visit to tesco to buy some batteries and after lots of fiddling around we were happy that it worked, to some fashion !

So I bought it, then wondered how I would ever get it back to Kings Lynn but as usual Geoff is never put off by these things and its now in my shed.

I have an electric cable but its very temperamental and although the power is getting through nothing works and all power dies after a few mins. ( update no power at all tonight )

BUT watch this space because if it can be fixed I know the right man to do the job 🙂

and as for the shed roof being tall enough, well if I was just a fraction taller I would have a very sore head indeed !




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2 thoughts on “A bargain…. I hope !

  1. cloudgazer

    Great to hear that you have got your cross-trainer which I know you really wanted. Hopefully, this will be a good way of you doing the exercise you want with the time you have. Glad you are settling into a routine. It looks good and I glad the effort you have spent in getting it is going to be paid off.

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