Waving Goodbye to 2020

I entered 2020 feeling broken, Covid then broke me a little bit more.

All the things I had planned to help me cope, slowly got cancelled one by one, although before the Lockdown I did manage a walk with the Norfolk Legstretchers, something I hoped to repeat but then lockdown happened.

I really wasn’t enjoying riding my bike, so the first lockdown in March gave me a good excuse to stop, During this time I did a lot of solo walking and exploring, discovering Roydon Common, Reffley woods, and Leziate, beautiful places all on my doorstep. As the nicer weather came I longed to be back out on my bike, so I started off with some short solo rides, something I thought I would never enjoy but they filled me with Happiness.

As soon as we were allowed I started riding with my friend, Sue, as our confidence grew, our rides got longer and longer, then when it was safe Lynne also started cycling with us. We loved cycling together, having fun, discovering new places, taking photos, having picnic lunches, all our rides became a pleasure with no pressure and no one shouting at me if I got a puncture!

Just for fun, we got our own cycling shirts and became known as the FFF girls (Fabulous Fearless Females) next year I am sure there will be more of us !.

Our biggest achievements was a 100-mile ride to Ely, then after joining some Audax Guys I knew from my Audax riding days, we did their Halls 200km route, which we just loved.

As well as all the riding, and even though all my running events had been cancelled I was still enjoying my running and run/walking, I missed parkrun dreadfully so I started meeting up with Maria on Saturdays encouraging her on her road to recovery, over time she improved and we were able to do the George Munday 10km as a virtual run.

The ladybirds were also a huge part of my healing process providing lots of support and laughter where needed, just like my wonderful colleagues at work who I know felt all my pain more than anyone.

My big plan for 2020 had been the Coastal Marathon, which of course was cancelled but I did manage the Coastal half route a couple of times, a 15 miler around Sandringham and a 13 miler in Wymondham all with various friends.

Now as we wave goodbye to 2020 and move into 2021, I find myself stronger happier and more confident than I have ever been.

There are lots of plans for 2021, including The Lap of Anglia, Sandringham half and the Coastal marathon plus lots of long rides with the FFF girls……

2021 is definitely the year for lots of Laughter Fun and Naughtiness !!

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