Hungarian countryside

Monday 30th September,

Today we caught a bus from Budapest out to Sasto in the Hungarian countryside.

1-IMG_5525We had booked ourselves into the Panorama Panzio for 4 nights thinking it would make a great base while we explored the Matra Mountain Range.

Soon after arriving at the Panzio it became apparent that all was not as advertised on

Thinking or hoping it would be ok we took ourselves off for a lovely walk along some well marked tracks.

On our return the reception was shut and it was obvious there was going to be no food.

So we wandered down the track to the camping site that is being renovated only to find the restaurant closed. Luckily the snack bar was still open and they reluctantly served us chips and lukewarm goulash soup before pulling the shutters down on us 🙁

The wifi advertised as available in all rooms was in reality only available at the far end of the corridor.

Which is where we sat and planned our escape …

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