Clowning around at Parkrun

Last Saturday 14th September was Kings Lynn’s parkrun’s second birthday.

Parkrun Doing the parkrun is something new for me but it can become highly addictive as its so much fun and very sociable.

Many of the park runner’s have already clocked up 50 runs and received their 50 t-shirt which I think is fab πŸ™‚

Last week to celebrate their birthday it was a fancy dress run and many people turned out in the pouring rain to have some fun and eat cake …

I never usually dress up but decided to join in the fun and ran dressed as a clown, complete with wig, which gave many people a smile on a dull and rainy day.

and of course I also took cake , triple chocolate brownies, which I think were enjoyed because I didn’t even have a crumb to take home πŸ™‚

It even made it into the local paper the EDP but I thought the photo was disappointing, all those people turning up in Fancy dress and just a photo of runners Γ‚Β πŸ™

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