My dream bag

Sorry ladies its not a designer handbag but a beautiful Purple Osprey Sirrus ruck-sac.

Osprey Sirrus Ruck-Sac

When I go on my long walking holidays I use an Osprey Kestrel 48 ruck-sac that I love, its comfortable to carry day after day, has lots of pockets, holds my platypus,and is generally just perfect for me.

So I have longed for an Osprey Sirrus ruck-sac for well over a year, its a bit smaller than the Kestrel so perfect for day walks, but still has all the pockets and plenty of room for my platypus.

You can Imagine my surprise/delight when I found one hiding in my bed, its just perfect in every way and much better for me than an Easter egg 🙂

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5 thoughts on “My dream bag

  1. CherryPie

    What a wonderful present, it looks fantastic and is far more practical than a designer handbag!

  2. anne

    I do like it ..but I also love my designer handbag … which actually Geoff looks amazing 🙂

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