New year New recipe

I love cooking/baking and have wanted to make a Risotto for many months.

Its not something the boys wanted to try and with Geoff having been away, I had no one to make it for, BUT last weekend I finally had the opportunity to make one.

IMG_0563The Jamie Oliver basic Risotto recipe was the one that had been recommended to me, which is kind of funny as I dont really like his recipes, we have 2 of his books and they are the only ones that have never been used !

Anyway I liked this recipe, it had a few ingredients, was easy to make and just needed a little patience with all the stirring 🙂


I love that you can make this basic recipe then add anything of your choice, this time we had mushrooms, but I cannot wait to make it with the broad beans that I have growing in my garden.

Its tasted fantastic and will become a favourite recipe I am sure 🙂


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2 thoughts on “New year New recipe

  1. Anne

    I make a baked risotto , recipe from a friend in France, have used it for at least two years, maybe longer, I often make a risotto for me, when Arni is away ..

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