All work and No exercise

Makes me a moody irritable girl 🙁

Since getting my job transfer and changing my work hours its been hard fitting in my exercise.

For those that are wondering , I have still not be allocated a job at tesco BUT have allocated myself a job… I sit on the tills, its busy, the the time goes quick, I get to chat BUT I get no exercise 🙁

Due to my growing massage business  I have not been able to get to ladies swimming or my exercise class.

I have started running again, but only a mile as I want to keep it low milage till I see how my achilles feels. I have now been 4 times and its feeling good but I dont want to push it too hard just yet.

NordicTrack E10 ZL Rear Drive Cross TrainerI was all set to join the gym again as I miss the cross trainer but I thought I may never find the time to go, then someone suggested that I bought myself a cross trainer.

AND  I decided what a fantastic idea, Geoff has measured up my shed and its the perfect size, so hopefully by the end of August I will be the proud owner of this and I am so so excited about it 🙂





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3 thoughts on “All work and No exercise

  1. Lady Banana

    I feel very frustrated that I don’t have time for anything I *really* want to do – and when I do have time I’m too tired 🙁

    Wish I had space for a machine like that!

  2. Geoff

    Life’s always a balance 🙂 but at least you have your move and a growing business 🙂 I’m sure the treadmill will be there before you know it 🙂

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