The Sanctuary Spa in Cambridge.

On Saturday I finally had an appointment for my massage at the Sanctuary in Cambridge.

This was a valentines treat for me from Geoff and could not have come at a better time, I have been trying to fit too many things into my days and had been suffering from an annoying dull  headache all week 🙁

I arrived a good 30 mins early so I could relax in the Lavender room with a cup of herbal tea before my massage 🙂

I choose to have a deep tissue massage.

The massage itself was, for many reasons very interesting for me.

Firstly she massaged me using her forearms and fists which takes the strain off her hands/thumbs and  you get a deeper massage.

Secondly I was amazed at how bad my back and shoulders are, they are just full of huge knotts and of course these knotts could be the cause of my headaches. 🙁

Thirdly it confirmed to me that the next course I want to do is The Deep Tissue Massage.

A great gift from Geoff and although it was not very relaxing it was very enjoyable and taught me that I should practise what I preach !

( and NO I did not let on that I was a massage therapist )




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5 thoughts on “The Sanctuary Spa in Cambridge.

  1. Lady Banana

    I would love a massage but I think I’d have to sleep afterwards, I wouldn’t want to get up and go home!

    Did it help your head? I’ve had a headache since last week almost constantly.. so wonder, is massage the answer?

    1. sally

      not all massages are relaxing… mine wasn’t as knotts were so bad…
      BUT have had no headache since massage and yes a massage works great if your headaches are being caused by stress and tension in the neck and shoulders

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